Careers in the News & Journalism Industry

The overall number of writing new jobs is expected to grow steadily by 6% through 2020, while journalist will feel the pinch with a moderate decline of 8% during the same time period.

Ever since Woodward and Bernstein toppled on unpopular president, the journalism field has been awash with hardcore competition. And it’s not just the written word that has garnered the most attention.

Once television news expanded to cable outlets in the 1990’s and news station proliferated as quickly as the actual news, television quickly became the medium of choice. And if that weren’t enough, the advent of the Internet brought in a whole new sector and multimedia journalism took on an amazing dimension.

Lucky for the would-be journalist and writer, all these disciplines are interrelated. If you want to be a reporter, whether on TV, for a newspaper, or the Internet you’ll need to know how to write – even if you want to be a production assistant or producer.

The good news is there is plenty of room in this space. You just need a bit of course work and some imagination and you’ll be on your way.