How to Become a Healthcare Manager

Overview & Salaries

Recommended Degree:

The right degree for you depends on the hospital or medical institution you apply at. Those looking for an entry positions are likely to need a bachelors degree from an accredited business or healthcare administration program. If you are looking for a very junior level administrative assistant position, then a certificare or associates degree is recommended. Those looking to get into a competitive or advance position may benefit from earning a master’s degree or MBA.

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How Much Does an Health Manager Make?

$88,580 (national median salary, to view salaries in your state click on the “Best Places to Work” tab up top)

Expected Growth from 2012-2020:

+315,500 additional people employed

Specialization Options:
Bookkeeping, small business, corporate accounting, law, and tax preparation.

(all information above provided by the 2012 BLS Medical and Health Services page) 

Discover the Best Places to Become a Healthcare Manager

The state of New York leads the nation in employment for healthcare managers, with 27,530 currently working statewide, and making an average yearly salary of $118,020. California is second in employment, where 26,860 healthcare managers occupy positions within the state, and earn an annual mean wage of $118,040.

Healthcare systems of facilities of all sorts require management. There are both senior and junior management positions available at a number of different locations, including:

  • General medical and surgical hospitals
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Office of physicians
  • Home healthcare services
  • Nursing care facilities

What States are Hiring Healthcare Managers

Use our interactive map below to find out which areas of the United States are currently experiencing the greatest amount of growth and job availability for graduates looking for a career in Healthcare Management. The associated information has been gathered from the Bureau of Labor statistics, representing data collected in 2012.

Employment and Information Data for Healthcare Management

Why Become a Healthcare Manager?

Working in Healthcare Management is an important career that allows medical facilities to operate, both financially and organizationally. As the healthcare industry continues to expand, experts in healthcare management will be looked at to oversee established healthcare facilities.  There are several types of medical and health service managers including: assistant administrators, nursing home administrators, clinical managers and health information managers. This is a rewarding field where you can work with others, provide care to patients in need and understand the complex and exciting world of healthcare.

Recommended Courses to Help You Become a Healthcare Manager

  • Intro to Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Financial Management
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare Management
  • Community Health
  • Intro to Emergency Management
  • Healthcare Information Systems Management
  • Independent Study & Internship

Degrees to Help You Become a Healthcare Manager

Positions in Healthcare Management generally require degrees. The bigger and more established the facility, the higher the level of education that may be required. Leaders in the field typically have masters degrees, particularly in healthcare management or business administration (MBA), while entry-level positions at smaller organizations may accept candidates with bachelor degrees. With on-the-job experience, managers are able to progress in their career, but some education is required to get your foot in the door.

Typical workers in Healthcare Management have either masters or bachelor degrees in the following programs:

  • Health Services Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Public Health
  • Public Administration