How to Become a Copywriter

The median annual wage of copywriters is $55,420, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Writing is a tough game and salaries don’t always reflect the hard work that goes into it. However, today there is a greater need for writers than ever before with increasing distribution channels and the public’s seemingly insatiable appetite for the written word.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, bottom 10% of writers earn less than $28,610, while their more experienced brethren in the top 10% percent take home more than $109,440.

Overview & Salaries

Below are the median salaries of copywriters, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Copywriter $55,420
Copy Editor $54,000
Chief Content Officers $73,000
Fact Checker $26,300
Lead Copywriter $61,200
Digital Copywriter $70,000

Places to Work

Truth in advertising is more than some catchphrase. At least when it comes to the entertainment industry. The truth is the advertising business is the strongest in exactly those places entertainment execs feature those fictional “Mad Men.” The following are the top places to find advertising work.

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Seattle

Employment and Information Data for Copywriting

Why Copywriting

A career in copywriting can be a tricky gambit, but if you have a passion for the written word and enjoy work when it is creative, then this profession may just be for you. For starters, as a copywriter for an advertising agency you’ll work on all kinds of projects and often be tasked with developing concepts and creating new campaigns.

Recommended Copywriting Courses

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Copywriting & Social Media
  • Advertising storyboarding and scriptwriting
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Introduction to ad campaigns
  • Digital Media
  • Communications

Degrees for Copywriting Careers

Most copywriting certificate programs introduce students to the basics of writing copy for print, electronic and television mediums.

Associate’s Degree 
A more advanced associate’s covers copywriting for different formats, as well as introduces students to the wider world of advertising. Much like most associates degrees, these programs typically take two-years to complete.

Bachelor’s Degree
Bachelor’s degree programs in advertising are available at most colleges,  universities and online schools. These four-year programs provide students with the opportunity to take many advertising and non-advertising courses.