Marketing and Advertising: The Rapidly Growing Job Market

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Humans have been marketing their wares and services since the dawn of time, but the concept has evolved far beyond the use of hides, furs, seashells or colors made using the neighborhood’s flashiest wild berries. The idea, however, has never changed an iota. Marketing and advertising are the catalysts of sales, business development and brand identity, and sales are rarely made without them. 

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There’s never been a more exciting time to pursue marketing careers or advertising careers. These professions have always been high-energy outlets for creative, driven individuals, but the arrival of the digital era, coupled with the juggernaut that is social media, have made these some of the business community’s most productive and rewarding fields.

It’s now clear that digital marketing and social media aren’t going anywhere anytime soon; if anything, these contemporary marketing opportunities will only become more influential as more marketers and advertisers begin to take the time to study and analyze their target audiences’ habits. The marketing and advertising professions now offer niches for social media specialists, analytics experts and copywriters, graphic designers and content managers with expertise in digital marketing and search engine career


Analytics experts can tell marketers about the ways their customers live, behave, and consume advertisements. Social media specialists are invaluable for their ability to recognize, embrace, and cater to the differing audiences and purposes of various popular social outlets. Copywriters specializing in digital marketing or search engine optimization know how to take a message and make it sharp, concise and compelling, and graphic and web designers help to keep brand identity palatable and relatable. Professionals trained in understanding search engine optimization know in advance how to craft copy that will match common web searches.

Modes of marketing have changed drastically over the decades, but the concept never gets old. Today’s marketing and advertising professionals are more than salespeople; they’re wizards at the cusp of the industry’s top trends. Because of their gifts for knowing how and when to change with the times, outstanding marketers and advertisers ultimately become some of the professional community’s most knowledgeable, flexible and sought-after contributors.

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