How to Become a Construction Manager

Overview & Salaries

Recommended Degree:
The right degree for you to become a construction manager depends on the industry and company you apply for. Those looking for an entry position may need a bachelor’s degree in construction management, or a construction certificate and a business administration bachelors degree. Significant work experience in the construction field is likely to be required as well. If you are looking to get into a competitive or advance position, then a masters’s degree along with licenses to operate certain machinery can help you stand out in the hiring process.

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How Much Does a Construction Manager Make? 
$82,790 (national median salary, to view salaries in your state click on the “Best Places to Work” tab)

Expected Growth from 2012-2020:
+78,200 additional people employed

Specialization Options:
Project management and field management

(all information above provided by the 2012 BLS Construction Management page) 

The Best Places to Become a Construction Manager

Construction field managers work in many industries and the following employ the most workers:

  • State and local government, excluding education and hospitals 21%
  • Highway, street, and bridge construction 14%
  • Utility system construction 10%
  • Other specialty trade contractors 22%

Employment and Information Data for Construction Management

Why Become a Construction Manager?

Employment in the construction management space is expected to grow 17% by 2020, according to the U.S. Labor Department. The construction management field will continue to expand as the number of projects throughout the country increase. While the construction industry continues to grow, the demand for experienced management level construction professionals will increase. This combined with a population shift from suburbs to cities and an aging national infrastructure will spur job growth. According to the U.S. Labor Department, median annual wage of construction managers is $83,860.

Recommended Courses to Help You Become a Construction Manager

  • Construction Project Scheduling and Control
  • Fundamentals of Construction Law
  • Management in the Construction Industry
  • Managing Safety and Health in Construction Projects
  • Preconstruction Estimating: From Design Development Stage to the Final Bid Process
  • Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems
  • Project Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Schedule Delay Analysis and Construction Claims

Degree Options for Construction Management Careers

Whether it is preparing and negotiating contracts or calculating budgets or selecting architects and engineers to work on your project, construction field managers need a diverse array of skills. And each of these skills can be acquired in the classroom and through professional experiences. There are a number of programs designed to prepare construction professionals for a management career.

Certificate Program
A Certificate Program in Construction Management prepares mid-career professionals to run a wide range of construction sites from residential to office buildings to large multiplex facilities. In addition to basic construction practices, management trainees will learn about regulatory and environmental issues, safety, cost estimating and overall project planning.