Useful Careers in the Walking Dead


Careers to Survive the Walking Dead World

Every year our culture becomes more obsessed with the apocalypse, especially when it involves zombies. In all of these universes, whether that’s Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, or The Walking Dead, those most likely to survive have a specific skill set that lends itself to the situation. These occupations always involve the hands-on experience, knowledge, and ability to lead that is required for rebuilding civilization.

Take a look at our list below of the top five careers to have in the case of a zombie apocalypse.


Career #1: Homeland Security Agent


For a decade now, the Department of Homeland Security has been securing the country’s borders, airports, seaports, and waterways. This is precisely the experience that would be beneficial to a zombie apocalypse. Knowing how to secure an outpost, and knowing how to fight if it’s compromised, are two of the essential skills for survival. As a Homeland Security Agent, you’ll be proficient with firearms and disaster planning, the perfect person to count on in an emergency. You’ll also know how to police your community in times of safety, and protect those you love from the biters.

What Homeland Security Agents Make

Asylum Officer: $74,500
Immigration Officer: $51,200
Border Patrol Agent: $62,400
Federal Coordinating Officer: $83,900
Law Enforcement Specialist: $66,550
Immigration Customers Enforcement Agent: $52,300
Intelligence Operations Specialist: $111,850
Security Specialist: $96,000

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Career #2: Nutritionist


In a zombie apocalypse, one of the principle concerns is what you can and can’t eat, and how to stay healthy. As a nutritionist, you’ll know exactly what your body needs, and be able to take care of those around you. You’ll increase the chance of your own survival and every one else’s in your party with your knowledge of the human body’s digestive system, including your minimum nutritional requirements. You’ll be the go-to when it’s time to split up food, divvying out rations depending on age and activity, and ensure your friends’ and family’s long-term survival.

What Dietitians and Nutritionists Make

Nutritionists and Dietitians: $56,170
Agriculture and Food Scientists: $64,470
Food Scientists and Technologists: $64,140
Agriculture and Food Science Technicians: $36,390


Career #3: Registered Nurse


Becoming a Registered Nurse is a smart decision in our world and in the world of The Walking Dead. In a zombie apocalypse without hospitals running 24/7, you’ll be someone others can count on to fix up their wounds. If someone breaks a bone or sustains a minor injury, you’ll be there to bandage them up and make sure they heal appropriately. And if that dreaded situation arises when someone has his or her arm bitten, who better to do the amputation? (Besides maybe Career #5)

What Registered Nurses Make

Nurse Practitioner: $96,460
Physicians Assistant: $90,930
Nurse Anesthetist: $96,460
Nurse Midwife: $96,460

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Career #4: Political Science


Okay, so maybe you’re not going to learn how to shoot a gun, or build a fortress, or dress a wound, but with a career in Political Science, you’ll learn how to execute the diplomacy required to run a post-apocalypse society. You’ll be delegating resources, deciding which construction projects are most essential, and ensuring through quick decisions the safety of everyone in your community. You may not know how to do everything yourself, but you know how to tell people what to do, and that’s just as important. You’ll know what’s best for everyone around you, and how to keep the people who matter most to you alive and well.

What Political Scientists Make

Political Scientists: $104,600
Political Science Teachers, Postsecondary: $81,860
Policy Analyst: $45,000
Program Administrator: $46,000

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Career #5: Construction Manager


After you’ve escaped the city with your loved ones in tow, where are you going to live? That’s a question the Construction Manager can ask—and answer. You’ll know how to create simple shelters for your community to thrive in, and where to get the materials and resources you’ll need to build them. You’ll ensure your structures are safe and won’t collapse on you in the night, and build a roof that won’t get your supplies wet in a rainstorm. You’ll also be the leader when it comes to exploring abandoned buildings for supplies, knowing when a structure’s integrity has been compromised.

What Construction Managers Make

Construction Manager: $83,860
Facilities Manager: $68,700
Operations Manager: $63,120
Structural Advisor: $79,235
Surveyor: $54,880

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