Top Career Experts to Follow on Social Media

Top Career Experts on Social Media

Career Expert #7: Debra Wheatman

Debra Wheatman Career ExpertDebra Wheatman is an experienced human capital management strategist and the founder and president of Careers Done Write, a career management and branding firm. Debra, who possesses both Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) designations, is globally recognized as an expert in advanced career search techniques. She has been featured in numerous leading online, print, and trade publications. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook, and browse her site.

A little different than our previous Experts, Debra not only posts helpful articles for job seekers, but also for companies on how to more effectively hire the best talent and utilize social media. Follow her to keep up with her expert opinions, whether you’re searching for a new job, or trying to hire great employees.

What She Posts

Debra’s Expert Career Advice

What is the best advice you could give to a job seeker today?

Job seekers today need to develop and manage a network of contacts. It is clear that networking is a critical element to job search. As people begin to move to new roles and assuming increasing levels of accountability, they need to ensure they have a robust network of contacts. This will allow for improved opportunities and referrals over time. Without a strong network, it can be extremely difficult to secure a new role especially given the fierce competition. Companies prefer to hire people based on referrals since employers are able to find candidates more quickly and bypass voluminous applications from job search sites. A referred candidate is looked upon more favorably, which is why a strong network is critical to long-term success in the job market.

How do you stay updated in the career advising/HR industry?

To keep current on the career advising industry I interact with my peers, conduct self-directed research, and maintain abreast of changes and trends in the industry overall. I also participate in relevant training to ensure my skills and knowledge are up to date. I maintain an active presence on social media sites where I can share information and continue to learn about emerging ideas.


For more career advice, take a look at our Career Insights, a weekly-updated collection of great information for anyone looking for a job or wanting to transition into the career that’s right for them.

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