Top Career Experts to Follow on Social Media

Top Career Experts on Social Media

Career Expert #4: J.T O’Donnell

JT O'Donnell's Career Expert on Social MediaJeanine Tanner “J.T.” O’Donnell is the founder of CAREEREALISM, an online career advice magazine, and CareerHMO, a career coaching service. She’s a career strategist and workplace consultant who helps American workers of all ages find greater professional satisfaction. Unlike other advisors, O’Donnell works with both individual clients and corporations, giving her access to emerging workforce trends. She has 18+ years of experience, managing, training, and coaching people of all ages on a wide variety of career topics. Follow her on Twitter and Google+.   J.T. connects her followers to her recent articles she’s written for a variety of publications, including her own on CareerRealism and CareerHMO. She also posts polls to receive feedback from her followers, and bases future articles off the data. Follow her if you’d like to contribute!

What She Posts   

J.T’s Expert Career Advice

What is the best advice you could give to a job seeker today?

Throw out any previous knowledge you have about job search and start fresh. It’s totally different than it was a few years ago. You need to know how to build a proactive, custom job search that will help you get results faster.

How do you stay updated in the career advising/HR industry?

I read LinkedIn daily and subscribe to several HR blogs that I find are always ahead of the curve. I’m also very curious. I’m always seeking info on how HR is changing because it’s something I’m passionate about.

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