Tips on How to Make a Great Accounting Resume

Accounting career

For those who are looking for accounting careers, having an exceptional resume is a must. Luckily, following these tips can help anyone create a resume that is sure to impress potential employers. Check out our resume tips for accounting professionals below!

List Credentials

Potential employers want to know about degrees that are held, where the applicant went to school and his or her class rank.  Earning certain credentials and otherwise going above and beyond the basic necessities in college can make those who are applying for accounting jobs look both skilled and motivated.

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Identify Valuable Skills

Students are taught many skills in accounting school, and these skills should be listed on one’s resume. Applicants should consider focusing on the skills that they are most proud of or are the best at, but other things that were learned in school should be listed as well.

Accounting careers

Summarize Work Experience

Even for those who have never had an accounting-related job before, it’s a good idea to list work experience. Individuals who work as cashiers learn more about handling money and dealing with customers, and those who work in an office setting often learn more about handling financial documents; all of this experience can help applicants snag accounting jobs.

Mention Multi-Cultural Skills

In today’s business world, knowing a second or third language or having other multicultural-friendly skills can be incredibly valuable traits. Therefore, it is essential for anyone who is filling out a resume to mention any languages that he or she speaks fluently or has even taken classes about.

Include Technological Skills

Those who are proficient in using popular software programs, who type quickly and who are otherwise comfortable and confident on a computer should list all related skills on their resumes. In today’s tech-savvy business world, these skills are very valuable.

Leadership Skills are a Plus

From working as a manager at a fast food restaurant to leading an organization at school, any type of leadership experience can help job seekers snag accounting careers.

Remember to Include Hobbies and Volunteer Work

Hobbies, volunteer work, professional organizations and more can all help applicants look well-rounded, motivated and thoughtful about their communities. These things can also help fill in gaps for recent graduates and others who don’t have a lot of work experience.

Accounting jobs

Include Solid References

Listing previous employers, professors, mentors and more on one’s resume can boost his or her credibility and give off an excellent impression.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to use online programs to put together resumes; these templates and the above information can make an applicant’s resume look incredible to potential employers. Although it can take some time to put together a great resume, doing so can lead to wonderful accounting positions and long-term careers.

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  1. Drafting a perfect resume is very first step of successful job search process. That is why it is always good to have a resume with proper impressive information. Most of the time candidates fail to impress recruiter due to lack of drafting resume. I think to get rid of all these issue your article is really useful. Thanks for the post and I think every job searching candidate from field of accounting should refer this article.

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