The Top Up-and-Coming Careers in Information Technology

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Technology dominates every aspect of modern life. From health care to heavy industries, technology is a constant presence that is evolving quickly. With that, many of yesterday’s top information technology (IT) jobs may no longer be as relevant today. These new jobs require dramatically different skill sets than earlier IT careers but command the same excellent IT salaries.

Web Developer

The Internet continues to thrive as the primary marketing and social network hub where the entire world connects. Web developers ensure that content is mobile-optimized and interactive. In this IT career, one needs to know Web languages including JavaScript and HTML along with the nuances of search engine optimization.

To gain traction in this field, training and certifications are required through accredited institutions. A bachelor’s degree and hands-on training will open doors in this field where the estimated median salary of is about $75,000 annually. Companies with a Web presence need the services of a Web developer.

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Cloud Architect

Cloud integration in enterprise management enhances core efficiencies. These virtual data centers drive productivity. To succeed in this field, consider brushing up skills related to virtualization, storage area networks and networking. Cloud architects focus on managing cloud networking spaces, ensuring a balance of security and work process efficiency in line with business goals.

Cloud architects typically occupy a senior position, requiring extensive experience and credentials in network administration, cloud computing and information security. The median salary for this position is about $120,000.

Big Data Specialist

Big data fuels the growth of modern societies. Raw data generated from click streams, keyword searches and system logs are mined for information on consumer patterns, potential security weaknesses and other business-driven purposes. Data scientists analyze these largely unstructured data for website optimization and market positioning to gain a competitive edge. Marketing strategists rely on quantitative analysis prepared by data scientists to tailor their game plans to a targeted audience.

Data scientists must have programming skills and technical abilities related to massive data collection, manipulation and interpretation. Critical thinking skills are crucial in this profession although the scope of work varies from one industry to the next. Median salary for data scientists is estimated at $117,500.

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Social Media Specialist

In an increasingly-connected world, social media is integral to business collaborations, social marketing and customer support. The social media specialist manages a company’s social tools and platforms to optimize their contribution to business goals. Familiarity with social media, marketing and networking are requirements for this IT career. Median salary is estimated at $56,000 per year.

Regardless of the industry, these jobs will continue to evolve with advances in technology.

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