The Best Jobs for Creative People in 2014

If you are a creative individual, you might not be content working in your average office. Doing something that you love will provide you with a lot more happiness, and you might be surprised by the income that you can make while working in a creative industry. By looking at this list of the top careers for creative people, you might just be able to find the perfect gig for you.

Creative Career #1:

Graphic Artist/Graphic Design

Median Salary for Graphic Designers: $44,150

Job Growth for Graphic Designers by 2020: 13%

Due to the fact that the Internet is constantly growing, positions as a graphic artist are some of the best creative jobs out there. Not only can you help people by making graphics for their websites, but you can also create logos for business cards, large signs and more.

As a graphic artist, you can work from home or for a big design firm, and you can expect an average salary of approximately $40,000 a year. However, some graphic designers make much more than that. Many graphic artists start working without pursuing post-secondary education, but doing so can teach you about using popular design programs and can help you pad your resume.

Articles to help you earn a graphic design career

Creative Career #2: Writer

Median Salary for Writers & Authors: $55,940

Job Growth for Writers & Authors by 2020: 3% 

Writing is a vast industry with a variety of positions. Whether you are interested in launching your career as a copywriter, writing for a local newspaper or magazine, or curating fictional or non-fiction stories or novels, there are plenty of opportunities. You may even have best creative jobsthe opportunity to work from home and generate content for client websites, blogs, social media profiles and more. As long as you have sharp grammar skills, you should be able to get started without going to college. However, majoring in English or journalism can help you learn more and can help you qualify for competitive positions.

Articles to help you earn a writing career

Creative Career #3: Makeup Artist /Cosmetologist

Median Salary for Cosmetologists: $22,700

Median Salary for Makeup Artists: $47,210

Job Growth for Cosmetologists by 2020: 13%

If you love applying makeup and helping people look their best, working as a makeup artist might be the perfect career opportunity for you and your creative mind. You can apply makeup to celebrities and news anchors, or you can specialize in doing makeup for weddings and other special events. You don’t need to further your education to become a makeup artist, but there are classes out there that can help you sharpen your skills.

Articles to help you earn a makeup artist or cosmetology career

Creative Career #4: Photographer

Median Salary for Photographers: $28,490

Job Growth for Photographers by 2020: 4%best creative jobs

There are many different types of photographers, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good career if you love taking photographs. From taking photos for newspapers and magazines to capturing snapshots of families and events, the possibilities are endless. You can take continuing education classes to learn more about photography, or you can simply
practice on your own.

Articles to help you earn a photography career

Creative Career #5: Interior Designer

Median Salary for Interior Designers: $47,600

Job Growth for Interior Designers by 2020: 13%

If you have a good eye for style and love home furnishings, art and other decorations, you might find that working as an interior designer is the perfect option for you. Along with decorating homes, you can also work on TV and movie sets, in commercial atmospheres and more, and you can expect to make upwards of $38,000 a year. You can break right into the interior design world if you want to, but obtaining a two-year or four-year degree in interior design can help you find even more opportunities.

Articles to help you earn a interior design career

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