How to Become a Better Multi-Tasker on the Job

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Multitasking is a misnomer for the ability to juggle several tasks almost simultaneously. The process of measured task switching, which is what actually happens when one is multitasking, requires careful planning and skillful organization. The human brain is unable to run disparate tasks concurrently, but it can switch from one to the other seamlessly given the chance. Productive multitaskers understand that this ability comes with deliberate practice focused on achieving pre-defined goals.

Secrets of Productive Multitaskers

Succeeding in a marketing job or an IT career often calls for finishing multiple assignments o a fixed deadline. This is true whether one is a student or a career-driven individual.


Create a Task List

Making to-do lists may sound like a dated strategy, but creating one is useful in defining what needs to be done in a given time frame. Prioritizing tasks become easier when one has a list that can be checked off. Keep this list visible and refer to it during the work day instead of at the end of the day.

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Identify Compatible Tasks

Compatible tasks stand the best chance of effective parallel completion. For instance, in business jobs that involve writing reports every so often, it is possible to prepare an outline, tag and organize the information needed while chatting on the phone with a colleague.

Not all tasks can be done in tandem with another. Voluminous reports that include complicated calculations require deep focus to avoid costly errors. However, planning graphic presentation of these data can be accomplished while sitting in a meeting. As a matter of efficiency, always bring something to do during lulls in meetings and conferences.

Avoid overloading by trying to do too much at once. Projects that are suitable for multitasking require some level of attention. Managing too many of these projects at the same time can become too taxing on the brain.


Create Cheat Sheets and Keep Them Handy

Multitasking is stressful. It can be likened to the brain being forced to hit pause and play constantly, refocusing as needed as the individual switches from one task to the next. Reduce the stress by keeping the work area organized so that data and devices needed to complete the job are within reach.

When marketing jobs involve providing research data to clients and other departments, make sure to have the information on hand in paper format or easily accessible digital file to reduce the stress of having to memorize information that changes frequently.


Goal-driven Multitasking

Multitasking means working smarter not harder. Career-oriented individuals should have a clear vision of their goals and the work processes that will accomplish these goals. Employees can visualize their goals much better with proper planning and organizing combined with focus and perseverance. Productivity contributes to job satisfaction, which is an important factor in self-motivation.

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