The Highest Paying Management Jobs in 2014

People pursue careers for a variety of reasons, from location to industry to paycheck. For prospective students looking to earn a career that will not only pay on the highest level, but will also allow them to make major, companywide decisions, we’ve assembled a list of the top five most fulfilling and high profile careers for your finances. In these positions, you’ll have the power you want and the paycheck you deserve.

High Paying Career #1: Architectural and Engineering Manager

Architectural and Engineering Managers plan, coordinate, and direct the day-to-day projects of major architectural and engineering firms. This is a great position both financially and managerially, as you’ll have the opportunity to create important structures and alter the entire skyline of cities. There are no higher bragging rights than building your city’s tallest skyscraper, or planning and orchestrating the construction of an iconic landmark.

Median Pay: $124,870

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Architecture with a Masters in Technology Management

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High Paying Career #2: Computer and Information Systems Manager

IT Managers direct the technological aspect of corporations, finding where in the company’s infrastructure the need for technological renovation is most needed, and implementing software to fill those needs. As the Computer and Information Systems Manager, you’ll manage a team of highly-intelligent and tech-savvy employees and make quick decisions that will change the day-to-day life of the company.

Median Pay: $120,950

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering or Computer and Information Systems, may need a Masters in Business Administration or Technology Management.


High Paying Career #3: Financial Manager

Financial Managers are responsible for the fiscal health of major corporations, producing reports, directing investment opportunities, and developing strategies for the long-term financial success of the company. Being a Financial Manager is a high-stakes game where a single wrong investment or decision could greatly affect the company’s performance and sustainability. As a Financial Manager, you’re one of the most important people in the room.

Median Pay: $109,740

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Economics, May Need a Masters in Finance or an MBA

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High Paying Career #4: Natural Sciences Manager

Natural Sciences Managers direct entire teams of research scientists in a variety of industries as they round the cutting edge of technological innovation. Directing research and development, quality testing, and technological strategy, Natural Sciences Managers attempt to uncover the technologies of tomorrow today. As a Natural Sciences Manager, you’ll have the unique opportunity to place your corporation on the forefront of the next big technological breakthrough, and will be responsible for your company’s relevance in the industry.

Median Pay: $115,730

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Biology


High Paying Career #5: Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers find new and innovative ways to drum up interest in a product or idea. Working with art directors, sales agents, and financial staff members, you’ll coordinate teams of brilliant people and will be in charge of ingratiating new technology and products to the marketplace. As the director, you’ll be personally responsible for the major decisions that either make a brand beloved or loathed. It’ll be up to you to determine your product’s success on the market.

Median Pay: $115,750

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising or Marketing

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Interested in any of these careers? Head over to our careers page to learn more specifics about each position, including educational requirements, salaries,  and similar jobs int he field.

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