10 Highest Paying Jobs To Get Into

A quick path to a lucrative career is to study healthcare, engineering, or business management.

Alright, so maybe it isn’t all that quick but focusing your continuing education on careers in these disciplines often pay off financially. While money should never be your only consideration when researching careers, it can be pretty persuasive.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (and recent data culled by CNBC) salaries in those industries are among the highest in the nation. Below are the top 10 paying careers.

High Paying Job #1: Financial services manager

Average Annual Salary: $120,450

Reason: In recent years financial products and tools have become more complex as emerging markets and industries throughout the world continue to expand.

High Paying Job #2: Industrial-organizational psychologist

Average Annual Salary: $124,160

Reason: Now, more than ever industrial and organizational psychology is flourishing with expanding technologies and practices, as well as industries willing to try alternate paths toward efficiency and success.

High Paying Job #3: Computer and information systems manager

Average Annual Salary: $125,660

Reason: Increasing complexity and advancement of computer and information systems requires a continued pipeline of specialist to keep America’s technological edge.

High Paying Job #4: Marketing manager

Average Annual Salary: $126,190

Reason: Doing business online is no longer an option for 99% of companies competing in the country’s often rough and tumble business space. And that means not understanding even a smidgen of digital marketing techniques can be a disaster.

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High Paying Job #5: Natural science manager

Average Annual Salary: $128,230

Reason: The natural sciences manager overseas a collections chemists, physicists, and biologists while planning and directing research and development projects.

High Paying Job #6: Architectural and engineering managers

Average Annual Salary: $129,350

Reason: Architectural careers have seen an increase in demand in recent years and also salaries.

High Paying Job #7: Lawyer

Average Annual Salary: $130,490

Reason: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for more lawyers is expected to grow by 10% from now until 2020.

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High Paying Job #8: Chief Executive Officer

Average Annual Salary: $176,550

Reason: The road to the office on the top floor can be a long one but almost universally worth it financially.

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High Paying Job #9: Orthodontists and dentists

Average Annual Salary: $161,750-$204,670

Reason: Teeth are big business in the United States and nobody knows that better than the men and women in charge of your oral healthcare.

High Paying Job #10: Doctors and surgeons

Average Annual Salary: $168,650-$234,950

Reason: There’s a reason your mother always wanted you to be a doctor and this large salary is probably part of it!

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