How to Become a Project Manager

Overview & Salaries

Recommended Degree:
The right degree for you depends on the industry and company you apply for. Those looking for an entry positions will likely need at least a bachelors degree in business or project management. If you are looking to get into a competitive or advance position, then a master’s degree in project management or an MBA along with specific certificates like a PMP can help you stand out in the hiring process.

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How Much Does a Project Manager Make?
$81,080 (national median salary, to see salaries in your state click on the “Best Places to Work” tab up top)

Expected Growth from 2012-2020:
+34,020 additional people employed

Specialization Options:
Technology, consulting, managerial, manufacturing, account services, marketing, and finance

(all information above provided by the 2012 BLS Administrative Services Managers page) 

Discover the Best Places to Become a Project Manager

Both in technology and industrial production, the highest wages are available to those in the project management profession in California, offering practitioners $155,020 and $108,260 respectively. Construction, however, enjoys the highest number of employment in the state of Texas, with over 29,000 jobs currently. The mean annual wage for those in construction project management comes in at $82,810.

Project Managers are able to work in a variety of settings, including the following industries.

  • Computer Systems Design
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Information
  • Government
  • Corporations
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises

Employment and Salary Information by State for Project Managers

Use our interactive map below to find out which areas of the United States are currently experiencing the greatest amount of growth and job availability for graduates looking for a career in Project Management.

Employment and Information Data for Project Management

Why Become a Project Manager

IT Project Manager positions are highly in demand in cities across America, and will continue to grow as our economy relies more and more on technological proficiency. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, project management career paths in technology have a projected growth rate of 12% over the next 10 years.

The daily tasks of a project manager include planning, coordinating, implementing and finalizing tech and IT projects. These tasks require a fluency in computer language and the interdependency of computer systems, as well as skills with project specifications, deadlines and budgets. The project manager keeps a business’s project goals in motion by creating a schedule and maintaining quality control. As a project manager, you will be expected to manage an internal technology team as well as clients and third party contractors. This is an exceptional profession that allows you to work in any city and offers incredible room for professional growth.

Recommended Courses to Help You Become a Project Manager

  • Computer Programming
  • Software Development
  • Math
  • Business Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Leadership
  • Contract Management Principles

Degrees for to Help You Become a Project Manager

PMP & CAPM Certification
Certificates are issued by the Project Management Institute to students who pass the PMP exam. Obtaining a PMP or CAPM Certificate shows employers that you are dedicated to launching a career in IT project management.

Bachelor of Science Information Technology
Students in the Information Technology degree program learn about computer hardware, coding, security operations and networking systems, preparing graduates for an entry-level position in the field.

MBA IT Project Management
For candidates serious about rising to the top of the project management career path, a Masters of Business Administration in IT project management will prepare you join a technology team and become a leader within your company. A graduate who has completed a master’s degree program earns a notably high salary.