Warning Signs: How to Tell When it’s Time for a New Career

The warning signs are everywhere: Sunday nights are reserved for worrying about Monday mornings and much of the rest of the week is for worrying about which coworkers are making how much, or why someone else is a director and you are not.

Just like an oncoming illness, signs of job related dissatisfaction appear early on. If you take time and care these symptoms can be diagnosed and then treated.

Here are a few signs you might need a change.

Sign #1: Procrastination

The project was was due Wednesday afternoon but you didn’t start it until Wednesday afternoon. One of the surest signs of job dissastification is an inability to get motivated and that manifests itself in procrastination.

When you’ve recognize this inability to get the gears in motion, stop and ask yourself why.

If you’re plotting the company’s search engine optimization courses, you’ll never get to page one on Google if you don’t begin planning early. Avoiding procrastination (or a job that makes you want you do procrastination  allows time for other career building activities like taking those fashion design courses you always dreamed of.

Sign#2: The days just never end

It’s only 10am but feels like 5pm. If you’re in law enforcement or construction field management than sometimes 10am is closer to 5pm because of the often off work hours in these professionals. However, for most of us working standard schedules this clock watching technique makes the day drag and curtails production.

Sign #3: You can’t be bothered pitching in

The boss required the entire team to take business management training courses to help improve efficiency and now there is less time to get work done. While everyone else is rallying to meet a deadline, you no longer can be bothered to pitch in outside a strict realm of your job description.

Sign#4: It really doesn’t matter

One of the saddest things a worker can do is lack pride in his or her work. Hard work and a dedication to your career is an elemental part of who you are. Yet so many lose faith in their work and eventually just don’t care about the finished product.

Imagine a crime scene investigator or correctional officer that doesn’t care about the finished product. It’s a scary proposition.

Sign#5: You’re sick

No really, you are physically ill. In many cases workers who have extreme revulsion to their work suffer from all kinds of debasements including headaches, lack of energy soreness and even issues that can lead suffers to a mental health clinic.

Did we miss any that you feel are important signs? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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