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The Lone Star State is known for more than Austin City Limits, the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as the top 10 colleges in Texas are among the nation’s best. 

Rice University is one of the best Texas colleges. U.S. News & World Report places it 18th nationally in its national universities category, and Forbes ranks it 33rd overall. Tuition and fees cost $39,000, and this Houston-based school has an enrollment of 4,000. The ACT plus writing test or the SAT with a pair of subject tests in fields related to a proposed study area is required. Rice is the second-smallest school to sponsor a football team at the FBS level.

The University of Texas at Austin is UT’s flagship university. It is a large school with an enrollment of 40,000. Tuition and fees cost $10,000 for residents and $34,000 for out-of-state students. The SAT or ACT is required as well as a writing component for whichever test is completed. The school is ranked 52nd by U.S. News and 66th by Forbes. Sports Illustrated named Texas as America’s Best Sports College.

Southern Methodist University is home to the George W. Bush Presidential Center. A total of 6,000 students pay $44,000 annually to attend the school. Those applying should complete the ACT or SAT. This Dallas-based school is 60th in U.S. News’ rankings and 81st in Forbes’ listing.

Like UT, Texas A&M University has an enrollment of 40,000. The cost of in-state tuition and fees is $9,000; out-of-state students pay $25,000 to attend this school in College Station. One of the best colleges in Texas is ranked 69th by U.S. News; Forbes places it 122nd. The ACT or SAT plus the submitted test’s writing component is required of applicants. The Daily Beast placed this school first on its list of the country’s happiest colleges in texas

Southwestern University is 65th in U.S. News’ ranking of liberal arts colleges; Forbes places it 132nd on its combined list. This small school is located in Georgetown and has an enrollment of 1,000. It was founded in 1840 and is the oldest university in the Lone Star State. Tuition and fees cost $35,000. Applicants are required to submit an ACT or SAT score.

Trinity University is a private school in San Antonio that tops U.S. News’ list of regional universities located in the West. The school takes up the 142nd slot on Forbes’ list. The cost for tuition and fees is $35,000. An ACT or SAT I score is required of applicants. Sports fans know this small school of 2,000 students for an incredible 15-lateral touchdown play that won a football game with Millsaps College in 2007.

The University of Dallas is also one of the top colleges in Texas. It ranks 13th on U.S. News’ regional rankings and 169th on Forbes’ combined rankings. The only Catholic university in the Metroplex is located in Irving. Applicants should take the ACT or SAT. The school’s enrollment is 1,000, and tuition and fees cost $33,000.

Baylor University is a school of 13,000 students located in Waco. The first homecoming celebration took place here in 1909. Applicants should submit an ACT or SAT score and complete the essay portion of the standardized test. Tuition and fees cost $36,000. Baylor has been honored by U.S. News with a ranking of 75th in its national universities category and by Forbes with a placement of 235th.

best community colleges in texasTexas Christian University is ranked 82nd and 245th by those respective organizations. Its enrollment is 8,000, and tuition and fees cost $37,000. Either the ACT or SAT is required of applicants. This Fort Worth-based school faces nearby SMU on the football field every year in the Battle for the Iron Skillet.

Austin College is located 65 miles north of Dallas in Sherman. This liberal arts college is ranked 82nd by U.S. News and 251st overall by Forbes. Its enrollment is 1,000, and tuition and fees cost $34,000. Applicants can submit either an ACT or SAT score. The school’s mascot is the kangaroo.

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