The Best Government Job Opportunities and Where to Find Them

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To develop a high performing work environment, employers must provide employee satisfaction and commitment to the organization. Several government agencies fulfill this requirement. In fact, job seekers will find that government work can be rewarding and interesting. For instance, NASA, the Intelligence Community and Department of State have high job satisfaction ratings and will likely offer employees a worthwhile government career.


NASA offers diverse government jobs. For instance, the agency hires scientists, IT specialists and technicians. The organization even employs accountants, writers and engineers. Students can work for NASA as interns, or they can participate in the organization’s summer employment program. High school students who are interested in working for NASA should take math, science and physics courses. The government agency has employment sites in California, Texas and Florida along with Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Intelligence Community

According to assessments, the Intelligence Community is one of the government’s top employment divisions. The organization’s mission is to accumulate information and work with other nations. Employees will also strive to ensure national security. Specifically, the agency hires people to perform tasks in the areas of analysis, information, technology and language. Other employment areas include science,passport acquisitions and financial management. Government jobs in the intelligence organization include careers with the FBI, Treasury Department and CIA. Therefore, job seekers can work for this section of the government in locations throughout the country and world.

Government Jobs for Engineers

Various government jobs are available for engineers. For instance, government-engineering jobs are in the aerospace, petroleum and environmental fields. The government also hires sound and mechanical engineers. In fact, the engineering field is one of the fastest growing occupations. Civil engineering is expected to have the most growth due to the nation’s aging infrastructure. Engineers will need to determine the best way to maintain the country’s current structures. They will also need to design and execute new roads, pollution management systems and water systems. Government engineering jobs are available in most states and in foreign cities.

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Department of State

The Department of State is another government job that ranks high among its current workforce. The employment field includes working with the nation’s foreign affair and diplomatic programs. The division is responsible for the country’s embassies, and it provides passports to travelers. People who work for the Department of State may observe the country’s interests overseas and will represent the country in international organizations. With the division, employment opportunities are available in the United States and around the world.

Reasons to Work for the Government

Government careers are available in cities throughout the country. Furthermore, some government jobs are located in foreign destinations. In addition, government employment is diverse, and it frequently allows workers to earn a living in their preferred field.

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