How To Get Hired for Federal, State, and Local Government Jobs

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Government jobs are often viewed as being much more stable than private sector jobs. The fact that the government needs people with all types of abilities and backgrounds to work on a daily basis means that there are many opportunities available in this sector. Government salaries and benefits tend to be more than adequate to pay for living expenses, and it is common for regular pay increases to be enjoyed by government employees.

How can a person land a job working for a federal, state or local government organization? Here are some tips for finding a stable job with a fair wage.


Look In the Right Places

There are a few different places to look for government jobs, but it is important for candidates to ensure that these are reputable sources before providing personal information. The official website for government employment listings is However, this website does not provide detailed information about each agency to inform applicants about the work environment or other key factors related to the position.

Career Glider contains valuable resources for people who want to work for a government agency. The website offers jobs listings, average government salary information and other valuable details about finding employment. Information about the best business schools and other academic institutions for preparing a person for a government job is also available.


Rewrite Your Resumé

Landing a government job requires an individual to rewrite their resumé for the task at hand. Be aware that the terminology for certain skills or academic background may be different for government jobs. Learn more about these differences at Go Government to adhere to styling formats or terminology in order to increase the chance of success.


Keep Networking

Job searchers may think that government jobs do not make networking necessary, but any job search should include proactive networking activities. Candidates can scour their list of family, friends and acquaintances to determine whether anyone has connections with government organizations. A simple chat over coffee or quick lunch can help a job seeker make their name known to key individuals who may make recommendations to managers with the authority to hire.


Practice Patience

Applying for a government job often means that a candidate has to go through a rigorous screening process. It can take over three months from the date of application to the day a person starts working, so anyone who wants to work for a government agency should be prepared to wait.


Target Your Career Path

Some people know that they want to work for the government after college, but other people may decide to work in such a job after working in the private sector for years. Career Glider helps people understand how they can get the education and experience that they need to land any type of job.

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