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Government job

Whether you’re a whiz with numbers or have a knack for settling disputes, there’s sure to be a government job out there that meshes well with your natural skills. People who are naturally talented in their given fields tend to enjoy more successful government careers, so it pays to take your time when selecting a career path.Government jobs span all kinds of categories, and it’s important to be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses before devoting time and effort to your job search.

Science and Engineering Skills

Have you always been naturally gifted at things like math and science? If so, you should zero in on government jobs in places like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture. IT jobs are available across all federal departments and agencies, and the same is true on the state and local levels as well. All of these fields are very competitive, so it’s wise to obtain a degree in science or engineering before looking for work.

Law Enforcement Skills

government careersIf you tend to be comfortable with giving orders and keeping the peace, a government job in law enforcement may be right for you. The Department of Defense usually has lots of opportunities, and the Department of Homeland Security is another practical choice.

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Skills in Social Work, Medicine and Education

Those with skills that are suitable for careers in education, medicine and social work can take their pick from all kinds of government careers. The main thing that these categories have in common is a sincere desire to help others. Interpersonal skills are a must, and communication skills are crucial too. Many people with these kinds of skills look for jobs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, but there are opportunities across many government agencies.

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Government job

Technical and Business Skills

Your first instinct upon realizing that you have the right skills for a career in business may be to go to work for a major corporation. There are lots of terrific career paths in government too, though, and the pay is competitive. From human resources to accounting, nearly all government agencies have a need for people with these kinds of skills. Whether you zero in on the Congressional Budget Office, the Department of the Treasury, the IRS or another government entity, you’re sure to find the work to be demanding but rewarding.

Foreign Language Skills

Do you learn foreign languages easily? There are tons of government jobs that require such skills. The NSA and the Department of Homeland Security are just two examples.

By being practical about your natural abilities and supplementing them with the right education, you should be able to find a government career path that will serve you well throughout your life.

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