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The information technology (IT) field has grown immensely over the past two decades. With technology playing a central role in every industry and sector, IT professionals can find gainful employment almost anywhere in the world. Here’s a look at some of the year’s top IT jobs, their job descriptions, and the career and salary prospects that those who land them enjoy. 

Today’s Top IT Jobs

In today’s economy, business leaders rely on IT professionals not only to keep their back-end systems running, but also to bring added value to their business enterprises. Today’s most successful IT pros don’t spend most of their time alone mired in tech problems. Instead, they translate their tech skills to the wider business arena to create successful, profitable careers. These three popular IT jobs provide a great overview of how melding business and tech knowledge can provide the basis for a great career.

#1 Computer systems analyst

A systems analysis is responsible for interfacing between tech staff and other departments or clients in order to create technically sound business solutions. Many analysts act as project managers of sorts who determine client needs and then ensure that they are being met by back-end staff. Strong analytical and social skills are needed in this position.
IT career

#2 Web developer

Though it might seem that web developers are everywhere these days, it’s important to remember that the ability to create a beautiful, highly functional website is gained through hundreds of hours of schooling and practice. As commerce moves increasingly towards the online realm, web developers will find themselves with a wealth of work to do all over the world.

#3 Database administrator

The technology and software solutions that businesses use function thanks to a back-end databases that stores all of the information needed to take care of enterprise tasks. Database administrators (DBAs) are responsible for organizing, storing and managing this data so that a company’s technological infrastructure is primed to support business success.

Taking a Look at IT Careers and Salaries

Median IT salaries and career employment outlooks are excellent for professionals in this field. Those professionals who possess a specialty skill set in IT stand to reap particularly great rewards. For instance, the median salary for a systems analyst in 2011 was $78,770, which is significantly higher than average salaries in other professional areas. DBAs and web developers aren’t hurting when it comes to their salaries either. In 2011, the median salary for DBAs was $75,190 while web developers earned an average of $77,990.

Future salary prospects are also excellent in the IT field. In all of the above professions, the top professionals earned well over $100,000 per year. IT professionals also enjoy great career stability thanks to the unique nature of their jobs. For IT pros who want to make the most of their career prospects, learning how to integrate tech knowledge with business processes is key.

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