Careers in the Education Industry in 2014: Why & How to Get a Job

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School jobs can provide you with stability and a great income, and they will allow you to influence students’ lives on a daily basis. If you are wondering about various education careers, you should consider these options; if you do, you are sure to find a position that speaks to you and will provide you with a longtime career.

Teacher’s Assistant

As one of the easiest careers in education to break into, teacher’s assistant jobs are great for those who want to start working in the educational system as quickly as possible. As a teacher’s assistant, you will work alongside a licensed teaching professional and help teach and guide your students. Although the level of education that is required is different depending on the school district that you are applying to, most positions do require a two-year degree. To work as a teacher’s assistant, you must love working with children; in most cases, these positions are for elementary school classes, although some middle schools also hire assistants. Although teacher’s assistants get paid less than teachers do at about $25,000 a year, the job position is generally comfortable and stable and will also provide you with benefits.

Elementary School Teacher

If you are wondering how to become an elementary school teacher, you probably have a love for children and would love to help them how to become an elementary school teacherlearn, grow and succeed. To become an elementary school teacher, you will need to earn a four-year degree in education and obtain a teaching license; then, you can expect to make more than $50,000 a year in many areas.

Middle or High School Teacher

Teaching middle or high school is a great way to spread your love of teaching and to truly make a difference in the lives of your students. You will need a four-year degree to get one of these positions, and you might need to have some special education in the subject that you will be teaching; you will also need to earn your teaching license or certification by following the guidelines in your state. You can expect to make between $50,000 and $55,000 a year as a middle or high school teacher.

Guidance Counselor

If you are wondering how to become a guidance counselor, you probably want to help students as much as you can. As a guidance counselor, you can help students who are in need of counseling and can also help your students achieve their educational goals. Along with earning a four-year degree in psychology, counseling or another related field, you will need to earn a master’s degree in the field of school counseling.

After completing your schooling, you will need to work as an intern or apprentice alongside a licensed school counselor for at least one year. If you can obtain a position, however, you can complete one year of paid work as a school counselor instead. Then, you will need to join the school counselor’s association in your state. The national median income for guidance counselors is about $53,000 per year.


One of the best school jobs out there for those who want to work with elementary, middle or high school students is working as a school principal. If you are wondering how to become a principal, you should know that you will need to obtain a master’s degree first. You will also need to work as a teacher or elsewhere in the educational industry for at least five years to become a principal. Once you achieve these milestones, you can make close to $90,000 a year.

College Professor

If you are interested in careers in education but would like to work with older students, you could be interested in working as a collegecareers in education professor. You will need to obtain a doctorate degree for many positions, and you will need to have experience or education in your chosen field. The pay rate for college professors varies based on where you teach and what your subject is, but many college professors make very comfortable salaries. In fact, these positions can be some of the highest-paying education careers in the industry.

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