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Individuals who have recently graduated from college with a finance degree will likely be looking to land an elite job as soon as possible. By putting together a resume that concisely and clearly communicates their skills to prospective employers, they’ll be giving themselves the best possible chance of being hired by a reputable corporation in the coming weeks.

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Because resumes provide hiring managers with a preliminary look at applicants, job seekers will want to move through the process with care. By adhering to the following guidelines, most people should do perfectly fine.

Identify Specific Goals

Individuals will want to avoid writing very general resumes. As an alternative, they should review job postings so that they can tailor the resume toward specific employment opportunities. By adding a goal statement at the top of the page, applicants can show that they’ve done at least some research on the job position. If men and women have specific skills in auditing, budget management or cash-flow management, they should mention these near the top of the page.

Use Bullet Points for Key Qualifications

All qualifications should be neatly presented in list form. Bullet points, in fact, will give the resume an air of professionalism. Applicants should feel free to list any skills that may land them the job. The following qualifications might be included:

  • Strategic planning
  • Working capital
  • Business valuations
  • Stocks
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Analysis

Individuals should put their most important qualifications at the top of the list. Related degrees and certificates can also be mentioned.


Highlight Recent Accomplishments

Applicants who have held important positions with other companies will want to provide concrete examples of their work. If they were instrumental in revenue growth for several years in a row, they can certainly cite this on the resume. Likewise, men and women who previously worked as purchasing managers, credit analysts, procurement specialists or treasurers will need to demonstrate their expertise in these fields. Chief financial officers and department heads will likely have managerial skills that will serve them well in other jobs.

Stress a Commitment to Excellence

Individuals who can dedicate themselves to improving profits in the coming years will likely look very attractive to hiring managers. In fact, most men and women will want to include a section that discusses their commitment to excellence. Applicants who are self-starters will be able to solve problems more easily than applicants who need to be coaxed into taking charge.

In the end, job seekers who are interested in finance careers should ensure that their resumes are organized, eloquent and free of errors. By identifying goals, describing qualifications, highlighting accomplishments and looking to the future, individuals should be beautifully equipped to track down finance jobs that will pay handsomely.

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