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Psychologist, Frank Bernieri, recently conducted a study that found most employers decide within the first ten seconds whether or not to hire a potential candidate. While the last thing anyone looking for a finance career needs is more pressure to interview well, you would do well to hammer this fact into your head.

When you interview for a new job, you probably imagine you are up against people who are smarter than you, better looking than you, and with more experience than you have. Guess what? It’s not just your imagination. You’re up against the best of the best. So how do you come out on top? By being better.

Dress For Success

Remember Bernieri’s study?  You can study interview questions all day long, practice your mirroring techniques, and come up with a flawless answer to the dreaded, “What’s your biggest weakness?”, and you’ll still fail if you don’t make a great first impression. Invest some money in yourself. Get a great haircut. If you aren’t in shape, hit the gym today and don’t look back. Get a nice suit, and have it tailored to fit you perfectly. If you can blow the interviewer away through your appearance alone, the rest of the interview will be a piece of cake.

Financial Job Opportunities

Not only should you be investing time in to researching the company, but invest time to improve your appearance, as well.


Know the Company

Have you ever fumbled the ball when a potential employer asked why you want to work for their company? You know this question is coming, so don’t wait until it does to come up with an answer. You can learn a lot about a company in half an hour of online research. Take that small amount of time and do your homework. What products have they recently introduced? Where do you see the company heading in the future? If you can talk about the company like it’s something you really believe in, you’ll be well on your way to a finance salary you can be proud of.


Bring Your Own Questions

You’re a skilled financial analyst. You’re a proven stockbroker. You graduated with honors from a good university. Career opportunities are everywhere. You have every reason to walk into an interview with confidence, so you should do just that. A great way to show confidence without veering into arrogance is to ask questions. Many interviewers will allow for this at the end of the interview, if not earlier. Be prepared. Ask some insightful questions about the company, the position, and about something specific. For example, you might ask how the company’s recent ad campaign has fared. These questions show that you’re not intimidated by the interview and that you have a vested interest in the position.
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