How to Become an Advertising Sales Agent

Overview & Salaries

Median salary:

Expected growth from 2012-2020:

Specialization Options:
Online media, television, print, and radio.

Recommended Degree:
The right degree for you depends on the industry and company you apply for. Many employers may accept a high school diploma or some college. Due to the need to understand basic finances and business operations,  a bachelors or associates can be useful to have. If you are looking to get into a management position, then a masters degree or an MBA may be useful for you. Learn more by clicking our “Education Required” tab up top.

(all information above provided by the BLS)

Discover the Best Places to Become an Advertising Sales Representative

Top Industries Employing Advertising Salesman

In advertising it’s not necessarily who you know, but where you go. Take a look on any of the big job boards and you’ll see these five (below) a whole heck of a lot. However, fear not. There are so many opportunities and agencies of all sizes throughout the country. Once you get started, you can head to the Big City (if you aren’t there already) if you want.

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Seattle

Below is an interactive map that illustrates the employment and salary data for advertising sales representatives by US state. All data has been derived from the 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employment and Information Data for Advertising Sales

Why Advertising Sales

The proliferation advertising distribution channels – smartphones, tablets, online, etc. – has sparked a demand for the qualified professionals whose job it is to sell both ad space and time in these places. Much like many sales professions, ad sales requires a lot of face-time both with prospective clients and an agency creative teams. What makes advertising sales such an alluring proposition to so many sales professionals is the relatively good pay combined with the excitement of working alongside so many creative people.

Recommended Advertising Sales Courses

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Account Planning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • E-commerce strategies & analytics
  • Communications
  • Business Management
  • Business Administration
  • Media Organizations and Systems

Degrees for Advertising Sales Careers

Advertising Certificate
An Advertising Certificate program offers courses focusing on introductory aspects of the industry from public relations to internet advertising concepts to principles of selling.  A certificate program is a great way to learn more about advertising, while increasing your odds of finding employment in the industry.

Associate Degree 
The associate’s degree is generally a two-year program that focuses on the core concepts of advertising and the advertising industry. A good program offers a robust selection of writing, marketing and business courses that focus on how to navigate in the advertising business.

Bachelor’s Degree
Bachelor’s degree programs in advertising are available at colleges and universities. These four-year programs provide students with the opportunity to take many advertising and non-advertising courses.