Work Experience vs. Getting a Degree

Work Experience vs. Degree

As you might imagine, the long-term debate about whether or not you should go for a degree or try and get your feet on the first steps of the career ladder via work experience have been raging for some time.

As employment opportunities have been stunted, being able to afford to go to college can be almost impossible; therefore, making the choice between a degree and work experience can seem like a double-edged sword. If the markets continue as they are, how can you expect to find employment in some sectors – would a degree be worth it?

Likewise, would taking on hours of free work be worth it for a resume report that might never even get you anywhere? The decisions that you need to weigh up can be a considerable challenge. Even if you thought you had the answer, consider the following reasons for deciding one or the other;

Work Experience

  • Start making networking opportunities and contacts within businesses – make a good impression here and you never know what is around the corner
  • Work experience can turn into a paid position if you impress enough and time your experience right when openings are available. This gives you a chance to effectively have a free long-term interview
  • Even if you don’t get a job from the experience right away, you will be well remembered by the staff depending if you perform well!

Getting A Degree

  • By getting a degree, you will be widening your career chances in the future – by being able to show a business you are teachable, even if the degree does not necessarily transfer, you can improve your chances of being employed in the long-term
  • You’ll gain a huge level of insight into the field of your choice. This can be massively useful, and give you all the help that you need to actually break the cycle and get yourself the kind of employment opportunity that you were hoping would come along
  • By working with lecturers and being able to see things from an academic point of view, you can gain a different insight into the subject compared to what someone who dives right into work

Whatever you decide, though, remember that you can do both work experience and college study if you have the time and the finance behind you. Depending on your experience, situation, age and ability you should almost certainly consider getting both into your life at some stage. The work experience alongside your academic studies can be an excellent way to see the industry you want to get involved in up close. It also makes it easier to understand the industry when using both views.

Want more information on choosing a degree? Check out What Degree Should I Get for more information, news, and tips to getting the most from your education.

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