Will a Degree Help Me Get a Promotion or Raise?

College Degree

For many people, the idea of going to university or college to get a degree pales in significance to just finding a job and working your way up the career ladder. After all, going to college usually costs a huge chunk of money, and there is no guarantee that your hard work and expenses will pay off in the form of a committed, full-time job at the end of your course. Therefore, it’s very easy to see why people are happy to just throw themselves into the job market and hope they can find something that truly suits their needs and wants.

Of course, like any other upstanding individual, you will no doubt want to get the most from life that you can. For many people, this can include combining a degree with your work. If you are doing well in work but are stunted in terms of the position you can reach thanks to your education, you can take on a degree on the side.

This will be an excellent way to keep yourself moving forward in a positive direction, whilst ensuring that the people you are working with can as comfortable as they possibly can knowing that you have the skills and qualities needed to succeed on the job.

However, another huge benefit of having a degree or a promotion is it can help you get that promotion in the first place; even without the chance of progression, your salary can be increased by having a degree. A degree is the most effective way to show a business or company that you are effective, that you listen, and that you can be taught. This makes it easier for a business to:

  • Trust you with a long-term contract
  • Provide you with a higher salary
  • Give you greater responsibility around the company
  • Put you first in line for any potential moves that you can make within the organization

These simple features might not seem like much, but add it all together and you can see the difference between having a degree and not having one. Whilst it really does depend on the company and the job that you are doing, having a degree will always make you a more favorable candidate than someone without the pre-requisite qualifications. This will make your life much easier, ensuring that you get to see just how a company can work.

Without a degree you typically need to prove yourself through commitment and loyalty to the company; or otherwise showing leadership and discipline in equal measures. This means that having a degree can be the easier route to being noticed and picked out from the crowd. Without a degree, though, your life is so much tougher as you’ll need to make a long-term commitment to show that you have what it takes to work at the company.

For anyone in this situation, it’s advisable that if you want to move up the career ladder that you consider getting yourself some kind of degree.

Looking for more degree information? Check out our Career pages to discover what degrees can help you in your industry!

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