Top Jobs: The Most Sought-After Careers & Degrees of 2014

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Whether you are a soon-to-be college graduate hoping for a job after school or a long-time professional looking for a change in the workplace, it is important to know the current job market. Because having a good job is more than just earning a good salary, you need to keep track of the careers offering the most growth in the coming years.

Here are the projected most sought-after, top careers for 2014:

1. Network Systems and Data Analyst

With a projected 50 percent increase in demand in the coming years, these bachelor’s degree-holding specialists play an important role in marketing and businesses. These data analysts are necessary for monitoring technology uses and needs, giving them an average salary of $50,000 a year.

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2. Personal/Home Care Aides

best careers 2014

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, there is an increased need for home care nursing aides. Earning a median annual
salary of around $20,000, the educational requirements for this position can be as little as on-site training.

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3. Software Engineers

With an average salary of over $100,000, software engineers with at least a bachelor’s degree, but more likely a Master’s or Ph.D., are needed to create and maintain necessary computer networks for companies. One of the main benefits of this position is the flexibility and autonomy of the work, allowing many software engineers to set their own hours as long as deadlines are met.

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top jobs4. Veterinary Technicians

Assisting board-approved veterinarians, these technologists earn either a two-year associate’s or four-year bachelor’s degree in this fast-growing field. With an average salary of $35,000 each year, vet techs help fulfill the increasing needs of family pets.

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5. Personal Financial Advisor

Although a bachelor’s degree is all that is required for this career, financial advisors are expected to attend regular training sessions and pass several national exams to maintain their licensures. Another result of the declining Baby Boomer generation, this $80,000-a-year occupation helps individuals establish retirement plans for the rest of their lives.

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6. Medical Assistants

Medical assistants are red hot and expected to grow by 29% by 2022 according to the bureau of labor statistics. You can earn a median salary of $30,000 with just a high school education and a two-year associate’s degree in this field. Handling both in-office clerical work and taking patient histories, medical assistants are often responsible for making a doctor’s office run smoothly.

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7. Substance Abuse Counselors

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives without doing any medical procedures, substance abuse counselors deal with the alcoholics, drug addicts, and those facing eating disorders. Earning an average annual income of $40,000, these professionals are generally expected to have a Master’s degree.

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8. Public Relations Specialists

With the continuing popularity of social media like Facebook and Twitter, public relations specialists are needed to help business effectively communicate with their audiences and shape their public images. With a bachelor’s degree, these professionals earn an average $60,000 a year.

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9. Petroleum Engineer

Until energy comes from cleaner sources, petroleum engineers are needed to find new ways to extract the oil from vanishing resources. These specialists generally hold at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, earning them around $90,000 annually.

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  • Chemical Engineering

10. Human Resources: Training and Development Specialists

Often created by companies to help them develop the skills and talent of their own employees, these specialists are needed to help businesses gain an advantage over their competition. When skills gaps cause companies to lose money, these specialists, who earn around $50,000 a year, train employees to fill those voids.

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