The Best Jobs in Administration

Finding the best jobs in administration

Administration jobs can vary in scope, area of expertise, and amount of responsibility. These jobs are necessary for the normal flow of daily business functions. There are certain areas of expertise in which a high demand is projected.

All administrative professionals need to keep up to date with technology. The administrative professional must keep up with technological changes as quickly as they happen. Nearly as important as computer skills are soft skills like communication and teamwork.

The first group of administrative jobs that are expected to grow in demand is Administrative Assistants. Administrative Assistants perform a wide variety of tasks to make sure the office is running smoothly. They perform routine clerical and administrative duties such as filing away documents and organizing files, drafting messages, scheduling appointments, operating fax machines, videoconferencing and phone systems, and other office equipment. They also complete forms in accordance with office policy, use computers for spreadsheets, word processing, database management, and other applications, and provide other support to staff within the office. Administrative Assistants can work in any industry, but they are concentrated in schools, hospitals, governmental agencies, and legal and medical offices.

The second group of administrative careers that can expect an increase in demand is a Receptionist. A Receptionist is a person who answers telephone calls and welcomes the public to their office and assists them. They are usually the first person the customer or client sees and interacts with when they enter the office. A Receptionist usually answers, screens, and forwards telephone calls, greets walk-in visitors and customers or clients and escorts them to certain locations within the office, contributes to the safety of the office by monitoring the access of visitors, obtains and sends information using a fax machine or email, performs other administrative tasks such as keeping appointment calendars, copies, files, and maintains documents and records, collects, sorts, and distributes mail and arranges for courier services, and processes and prepares travel vouchers or other related documents.

Lastly on the list of in-demand assistants are Accounting Clerks. An Accounting Clerk is a financial record keeper who uses special ledgers and software to record and process expenditures, receipts, payroll, and other financial transactions for a business or organization. An Accounting Clerk must have an understanding of basic accounting procedures, an aptitude for math, attention to detail, and computer proficiency.

An entry level Accounting Clerk may be responsible for providing clerical and accounting support for the Accounting Department, maintain accurate records and files, and process and mail invoices and payments.

An Accounting Clerk in a large organization may be responsible for either Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, or Payroll. An Accounts Payable Clerk, for example, will update and maintain records concerning expenditures, processing vendor invoices, and assure that payments are sent within the appropriate time frame.

The above three careers have great potential for growth in the next few years. If you are considering a career move, perhaps one of these careers would be a good fit for you. There are many types of organizations who need these individuals in their office, so put yourself out there and see where it takes you.

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