Top 5 Part Time Careers for Retirees

Part Time Careers for Retired People

More Americans than ever before are deciding to work after retirement, and following years in one specific industry, it’s a great idea to change it up. We compiled a list of the best careers to pursue after you retire, with a focus on the amount of work, level of responsibility, and amount of physical strain. After you retire, it’s important to focus on your friends and family and enjoy your newfound free time. With these part-time careers for retirees, you’ll be able to relax while still bringing in an income.

Top Career #1: Personal Assistant

Glad to finally be done with making the big decisions? Stay in the workplace but lose the major responsibilities by becoming a personal assistant. You’ll make calls, set up appointments, check schedules, and ensure the day-to-day life for whomever you’re assisting is smooth and organized.

Personal assistants bring in a median hourly income of $16.99, and you don’t need any pre-existing training or education to fill the role. In the next ten years, this position will grow more than 12%, so you’ll have the opportunity to choose where you work and likely set your own schedule.

Top Career #2: Tax Preparation

If you like working with numbers and miss the day-to-day organization of your old company’s financials, a tax preparer is a great career to dive into. You’ll be responsible for checking for your clients’ exemptions, organizing their financials, and ensuring they get the most money back. You’ll also be able to give insights into how they can get more money back, such as donating to charitable causes.

Tax Preparers make a median hourly salary of $20.84, and typically only work during tax season, just a few months out of the year, so you’ll have more time to relax. You don’t need any additional education, but it helps to be number savvy and analytical.

Top Career #3: Assisting Nonprofits and Community Organizations

Now that you’ve spent your years in an industry, got the promotions, worked toward your goal, and finally retired, it’s the perfect time to give back to your community. The best way to do this is by working for a nonprofit, for whatever cause in which you most believe. All nonprofits need help, whether you’re spending time in an animal shelter, are working for a political campaign, or raising awareness for a social cause.

Nonprofits will pay a median salary of $28.83 an hour, but this depends greatly on the type of nonprofit you’re working for, and whether you’re a registered employee or simply volunteering. Either way, you’re using your time for something good, and this is satisfying work.

Top Career #4: E-Commerce Merchant

Many of us have hobbies we carry with us from career to career, but they remain hobbies because they don’t pay. Maybe you love knitting, crafting, painting, or creating, and now that you’re retired, it’s the perfect time to pursue your passion. Spend your free time doing what you love, and set up an online store, either on Etsy or eBay. This will give you a venue through which you can sell your craft, and make a little bit of money on the side.

The pay scale for online storeowners varies so greatly it can be difficult to pin down a median salary. Fortunately, this isn’t the time to worry about how much you’re making, and the act of creating and honing your craft is the payoff. While there’s no guarantee, there are many online shops that bring in huge salaries when they create a popular product. You’ll never know until you try.

Top Career #5: Freelance Writer

With all the experiences you’ve gathered in your years, it’s time to give advice to the younger generations, and now that you’re retired, you have plenty of time to work around deadlines. Contact magazines you love, or start a blog and see who reads it. Writing is an incredibly satisfying pastime, especially when you gain a loyal following.

You can make money freelance writing, but most magazines pay in contributor’s copies that you can give to your family and friends. This isn’t about the paycheck, it’s about doing something you love, finding your narrative voice, and telling your story. Don’t think too much about it, put pen to paper, and get started on your first piece.

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