How to Relieve Anxiety Over a New Job

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Starting a new career is a stressful process, no matter how many times a worker has changed careers. Anxiety can decrease focus and cause the individual to make silly mistakes that may reflect poorly on their initial work performance. When starting a new career, workers should adopt positive attitudes and use special techniques to calm their nerves and shine in their new career.

Stress Reliever #1: Find the Positives

Keeping a positive attitude is a great way to downplay negative and anxious thoughts. New employees should look for the upsides to their new careers. For example, the employee’s commute may have shortened, leaving him more time to spend with his or her family in the mornings and evenings. Sometimes, a career change may bring financial benefits; workers who change from retail careers to business careers, for example, often enjoy increased pay and better health insurance coverage. Focusing on the positives in a career change helps to remind workers why they chose their new careers.

Stress Reliever #2: Meet Coworkers

One of the first things a new hire should do is meet her new coworkers. Checking in with coworkers helps individuals quickly acclimate to the company culture. Coworkers can also answer questions about the job and the company that may not appear in the formal job description. For example, some IT careers may require a strict dress code. A new worker may even be able to befriend their coworkers, helping her feel instantly more comfortable in her new job.

Business careers

Introducing yourself to co-workers will allow you to become acclimated and get a feel for the company environment and culture.

Stress Reliever #3: Maintain Healthy Routines

Healthy routines are critical to managing the stress of high-pressure careers, and the added stress of starting at a new job can do lasting harm if the worker doesn’t maintain a good exercise schedule and healthy diet. Healthcare jobs, for example, are notoriously stressful. For new workers, it’s doubly important to maintain their healthy habits as they adapt to their new jobs.

Stress Reliever #4: Plan for Relaxation

After each day at a new job, individuals should strive to relax at home. Allowing other worries, such as disagreements with family members, to interfere with relaxation could harm the worker’s performance at her new job. Reading a book or engaging in another favorite activity is a great way to wind down after work. New workers can also reward themselves for a good day at work by going to a movie or enjoying a special meal at home.

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Unwind after a stressful work day by reading recreationally, or involving yourself in aerobic activity.

Stress Reliever #5: Talk About It

Talking to a trusted friend or family member is a good way release stress in a healthy way. In addition to airing out frustrations, employees can also solicit advice and help from their loved ones. Talking to friend or family member at lunch can help the new employee survive the rest of the day. If company policies allow, workers can also write emails or text messages to their loved ones.

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