How to Spot a Workplace Bully

Bullying in the workplace

Are you working at the moment? If you are working within a business, then one of the big challenges you have to deal with is working with others. It might sound easy enough, but the main problem is trying to get around people who tend to be a bit more forceful in the workplace.

You can be the nicest soul on this planet but if you run into a workplace bully, there’s nothing that you can do to make them change.

So, what can you do instead? What makes sense to you in terms of trying to spot these negative influences? By finding out who the workplace bully is, you can record their actions and make sure that senior staff are made aware of the problem.

If the abusive bully is senior staff, then you need to take it beyond them to the next level up – it’s better than just ignoring their antics. The best way to spot a workplace bully, then, is:

  • Look for the “shopper”; by this, we mean the person who tattles and tells on their colleagues for every little misdemeanor. Despite being the bully themselves, they will revel in getting someone in trouble via senior management. They are petty and weak minded but unfortunately they can be seen as the “good” source by management as they drop everyone else in it.
  • Always spot the person who uses negative reinforcement. They will typically be telling people they suck at something or are unable to do X, Y or Z. As the workplace is full of people they stand out like a sore thumb as this kind of negative personality is a standout.
  • The workplace bully will publicly berate a member of staff in front of others with cheap shoots about their ability, followed by a little “Oh, I’m only joking!” should be one to watch. These people are vicious mentally and have no problem insulting others to benefit themselves.
  • Look out for the one who cannot take any criticism, either. Bullies hate the idea of being wrong and when someone calls them out on this they point fingers and blame others. A bully makes others responsible for their mistakes or their failures.

Keep all of this in mind as you go, and you are far more likely to get the kind of help that you need to oust this person if you have some genuine proof of their actions.

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