Questions to Ask When Choosing a Major

how to choose a major

If you’re having trouble deciding on a college major, then you’re not alone. For many college students, the process of selecting a major can be difficult. With so many majors available, you need a way to narrow the options. Before choosing your major, ask yourself the following questions.

Question 1:

What Are My Interests?

College students often choose their majors based on projected income, but satisfaction with your future career might be more important to you in the long run. Money is important, but if you base your decision solely on economics, your quality of life might be less than you expect. Thinking about your interests before choosing a major can help you avoid feeling stuck in a career you don’t enjoy.

Question 2:

How Much Money do I Want to Earn?

College degrees do not all lead to lucrative jobs. Liberal arts degrees, for example, provide graduates with few opportunities while people who study technical subjects have a wider variety of high-paying careers from which to choose. If the course of study you’re interested in doesn’t apply to careers that pay well, you may want to consider a related degree that offers better prospects.

Question 3:

How Much Money do I Want to Spend?

how to pick a majorYou might not be concerned about the amount of money you’ll earn after graduation, but if your chosen degree is unusually expensive, then you may have trouble repaying your loan. To avoid incurring too much debt, balance your financing options with its likely return on investment. Failing to use this type of analysis can have a negative effect on your quality of life.

 Question 4:

What Are My Strengths?

If a particular course of study interests you but it’s not something you’re good at, then you may want to consider other options. You can seek employment in your favorite field, but a degree does not automatically qualify you for a job. Because you need to be able to do your job well, matching your strengths with your interests is necessary.

To find information about specific degrees, visit your chosen college’s website. If you still have questions after reading the relevant pages, then faculty members and graduates may have the answers.

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