How to Balance School and Work

Often in life the key to success and happiness is balance. And when you are planning to undertake a new path that involves both working and school, creating a balance should be your highest priority.

Keep’em separated

If you’re taking taking accounting courses online or at a local campus don’t try to do your homework during a lull at the office. Conversely when you’re in class try not to worry about an upcoming work project. Be in the moment and focus on one thing at a time. That type of balance will keep you sane and on the right track.

Set realistic goals

This isn’t a race so don’t try to take four different banking and finance courses in one semester while squeezing in 40 hours at the office. Be realistic. School takes time both inside the classroom and outside. Start out slow to gauge the commitment continuing your education is going to take. Try one course at first. If you feel you could have done more, take two next semester.

Schedule and prioritize

One big difference between school and work: the job pays you to be there, you pay the school to be there. Schedule and prioritize in advance. Try putting together weekly and monthly calendars that block off realistic times for study.

Remember that social work degree isn’t going anywhere, but if you neglect your current career, your job may not be around for ever.

Take care of yourself

You don’t need a certificate in nutrition or healthcare to understand that taking care of yourself physically can greatly improve the chances of achieving all your goals. The most common ailment among full time employees heading back to school is stress. However, you can alleviate most of it by taking breaks, exercising and even meditating. Also, being organized and prepared is a great stress reducer.

Communicate the best laid plans

You’ve created a plan and now you’re ready to implement it. Let family, friends and coworkers know about the incredible journey you are undertaking. The more people understand your needs and goals, the greater the odds that they will be their to aid you in your success.

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