Day in the Life of an Investment Banker

Become an investment banker

Competent, proficient and diligent are the qualities that govern the work ethic and responsibility of an investment banker. This is because their work primarily involves raising capital for government, companies and other entities, or those that come under a bank’s division. In addition, they take care of acquisitions, mergers and other specific transactions that are essential for corporate finance.

An investment banker can help any company during bad times by identifying the possible risks that are associated with projects, before the company moves forward with those projects. Typically, he or she is an individual who is an expert in his or her field and holds their finger on the pulse of the investing climate. Hence, people turn to their expertise, so as to get advice on how can they create a perfect plan for development, considering the present economic scenario.

Another important role that is played by an investment banker is as facilitator. When the company wants to issue bonds or stocks, investment bankers help them in pricing the financial instruments stipulated under regulatory standards which would maximize revenue and be beneficial for the company.

There is a hierarchy that every investment banker has to go through, from the most junior till senior (the designation of the individual increases with time and expertise):

  • Analyst
  • Associate
  • Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Managing Director

A day in the life of an investment banker often means large scale projects that involve asset management and wealth management. This means the life of an investment banker calls for hours of dedicated and determined hard work, so that the best can be achieved from every project.

On the brighter side, these efforts give the individual an opportunity to learn and discover the true world of investment banking and how exquisite it can be. Salary prospects are good in this sector, and thus it attracts numerous enthusiastic and talented professionals.

How to Become an Investment Banker?

To become an investment banker you can either qualify the exams of the top MBA colleges of the country and then get recruited by a potential company that will help you to flourish in this sector, or if come from a different industry then you can consider giving recruitment exams taken by investment banks, and later learn the tools of investment banking right from scratch with the intense training classes of the bank.

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