Day In The Life Of An Administrative Assistant

Becoming an Administrative Assistant

Nothing is as exciting as an Administrative Assistant’s job! It is a position that you can apply for even if you are a part time student. The tasks may be simple but they involve a lot of responsibility. The smooth flow of organization in an office relies on the performance of their office assistants.

It would help if you are a college graduate of any course or you have a taken a Secretarial course when you are applying for this job. Skills in office management and interpersonal relations will be essential for you to perform your duties well. A presentable physical appearance and a corporate bearing is a plus factor if you are eyeing up a position in the professional setting. If you are assigned to answer phone calls and greet customers as they come to the office, a pleasant voice and pleasing demeanor will be required of you. English proficiency will be a must if you are assigned to write memos and letters to clients. An alert and organized mind is expected of you if you are tasked to schedule your bosses’ meetings.

A day in the life of an Administrative Assistant is always filled with several tasks. There will be times that you will be assigned special projects for the position that you were hired for. It will depend on the nature of the business you will be working for and the type of boss that you have. Administrative assistants may be hired on a casual basis. If the company is satisfied with your performance and sees you as an asset to their organization, chances are they will retain you as a regular employee. You will be entitled to regular pay plus employee benefits. The compensation for this job depends on your experience and qualifications.

Want to learn more about becoming an administrative assistant? Visit our Careers page to learn more about salary, necessary education, and opportunities for growth.

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