Day In The Life Of A Travel Coordinator

Becoming a travel coordinator

An administrative professional who is appointed by an organization to handle all of its entire business travel activities, mainly for its employees, is referred to as a travel coordinator. The duties of a travel coordinator revolve around making both domestic and international transportation and hotel accommodation arrangements for employees of an organization.


The responsibility of a travel coordinator ranges from the reservation of hotel rooms, to renting of vehicles and flight booking for airline travels. Some additional responsibilities of a travel coordinator include scheduling and organizing meetings, handling expense reports and reconciling statements from corporate credit card.


Thanks to technology, travel coordinators do not have to stress themselves moving from one place to the other, in order to carry out these responsibilities. Instead, they can remain in their offices while they effectively carry out their duties either through the phone or simply by surfing through the internet.


Travel coordinators are expected to be eloquent communicators, due to the frequency of their interactions with other people.


When it comes to organizing flight schedules for any organization, a travel coordinator must be able to organize both corporate and small group travel reservations. Before the employees get on the flight, it is the task of the coordinator to confirm their availability and also ensure to receive approval from each traveler for their itinerary. As a way of taken precaution, adequate research must be made for other travel alternatives.


It is not appropriate for a travel coordinator to just arrange a business flight alone and leave the employees to themselves. It is his or her duty to organize, supervise and coordinate every aspect of the business travel arrangement for every employee of the organization he called to work for.


As part of preparing for a business trip for employees, it is the duty of the travel coordinator to check with each employee to obtain relevant information needed for travel. Some of these essential info includes the travel date, time of departure and time of arrival, and other special requests like preferred meal and seating position. It is through this obtained information that the travel coordinator can arrange a travel plan with a suitable airline.


It is only when a business travel is expected to last for more than a day that the travel coordinator can plan for accommodation. The organization pays for the lodging while the coordinator makes research for a suitable hotel where its employees can lodge. Reservations are made by the coordinator on the needed number of rooms for their staying period. In addition to this, road transport arrangements are also organized by the coordinator to to help traveling employees.


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