Day in the Life of a Plumber

Being a plumber is a job that many people would love the chance to try, as it’s usually full of exciting and engaging tasks that you might not usually get to take on. The best thing about being a plumber, though, is the fact that you will never have to take on repetitive tasks; plumbing covers so much that the chance of getting the same repetition in a week is almost impossible to fathom. As a plumber, your day can consist of anything from checking the water to installing a brand new heating system – it’s a massively varied job and this means that the work available to you is vast.

The days are early, and you will be starting in the early hours most of the time – you will also find that the day in the life of a plumber can start when you are in bed! If you offer 24h services you will find yourself being called out of bed to fix floods and leaks etc. so it’s a rather hectic lifestyle.

The most common thing that you are likely to take on, though, is going to be a blocked drain. This is the food and drink for plumbers and makes up a fair portion of all domestic call-outs; again, though, it won’t likely turn into you doing the same thing over and over like Groundhog Day!

You can be working anywhere from a tiny one bedroom flat to a massive office complex; plumbing is plumbing, and you can find your days are hugely varied just due to the range of places that you may be going to.

Therefore, you’ll spend a lot of time traveling and networking with people and suppliers getting things ready for job. A lot of your time will be spent on the move and in conversation, with the work actually not always being the main part of your day. It’s a job that needs a lot of explanation at times, too, so you will probably spend a fair amount of time consulting with your clients and making sure they are happy to take the job on a bit further.

Whatever it is that you think you will be dealing with, though, you will find that the day in the life of a plumber is very rarely dull! It’s exciting and varied, and the pay can be simply extraordinary at times!

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