Day in the Life of a Nail Technician


Being a nail technician is not for everyone, because it’s not an easy job—aside from excellent people skills, , but you need to be strong technically in order to become well-established.

Naturally, it takes time, care and precision to get to this level and means having to put in the hard work and show the commitment to ensure you can be a success.

Not sure how to go about all of this? Here is what you would typically be dealing with on your average day as a nail technician:

  • Engaging with clients who are due for appointments on the day via phone calls, text messages etc. This is a hugely important part of the day as ensuring all booked clients will turn up is very important to maximizing your chances of being successful as a nail technician. Take the time to talk to everyone and you will see a much better level of performance!
  • Any clients that come in will typically be getting assistance from you, whether they’re looking for artificial nails, gel nails, nail wraps or a natural nail manicure/pedicure service. Whatever it is that you will be delivering, the service that you offer is typically built around making sure these services are well priced.
  • As you work with each client, you are expected to look at the health and quality of their nails and the skin that lies around their nails. Then you should be able to offer some kind of help in seeing what the problem is with their nails so that they can start addressing it in the long-term. When you give advice and information about what could be wrong with their nails, you are also expected to have a solution to the problem.
  • You are also expected to work with cosmetic jobs as well for those who want a fancy kind of nails put in place or they wish to go through a specific procedure. By doing this, you give clients the kind of quality nails that they expect.

Lastly, you are expected to deliver a clear process by always cleaning and sanitizing your tools, preparing you for the next day.

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