Day in the Life of a Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

The day in the life of a hairdresser, depending on where you are working, can be very comfortable or downright hectic. The type of salon that you work in will determine the kind of days that you have, as well. If you work in a trendy salon where people want bespoke and designer haircuts, you can find that you will be dealing with a minimal amount of clients as each one takes a few hours! However, if you are working as a traditional hair stylist you will find that customers come and go very quickly and styles all become a second nature to you.

Really, though, the life of a hair stylist is massively rewarding. You are helping people feel good about themselves and giving them a look they may never have tried before; you are aiding them in looking the best that they can. This is a massively rewarding job, but you need to be adept at both the styling side of things, and also in the overall care of clients.

The day in the life of a hair stylist can usually consist of lots of small talk and, at times, a bit of a shoulder to cry on for frustrated customers. This means that, depending on who you are dealing with, the day can change up quite dramatically. Your duties will be varied throughout the day, too, from tidying up to socializing and befriending clients who are waiting to be served.

It’s your job to make sure every client leaves feeling confident and comfortable in the haircut that you provided them with, whilst also guaranteeing they have the look and style that they were looking for. It’s the little things when working in a salon that will make or break your working day.

Want to learn more about becoming a hair stylist? Visit our Careers page to learn more about salary, necessary education, and opportunities for growth.

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