Day in the Life of a Baker

The career of a baker

Bakers provide us with savory treats that we all love to indulge in, whether it’s delicious pastries or aroma-inducing freshly baked bread. Being a baker requires a lot of work that extends beyond the normal bakery hours, with a large amount of preparation and action that goes on behind the scenes.

The average baker begins their day before 4 am so they can get a start on preparing the day’s bakery foods by 5 am. Their first job of the day is to sanitize the kitchen and prepare the dough in order to make these freshly baked goods. They begin to mix all of the ingredients needed for the products, and then start the baking around 7 am.

Larger treats, such as the bread and buns, are normally prepared in special bins while smaller products, such as cookies and muffins, are baked on trays. Pastries are often cooked separately in their own special ovens.

By the time the bakery opens, the typical baker has probably been awake for quite a few hours already. As the customers being to filter in and buy the freshly baked treats, the bakers begin making and packing lunchtime goods and preparing for the lunchtime rush. Hygiene is incredibly important, so the kitchen must be extensively cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Often, the afternoon is spent preparing the ingredients for the next day. Smaller bakeries may close around 2:30 pm, while larger bakeries may remain open for much longer.

If you want to be a baker, most in this profession learn through either culinary institute education or on-the-job experience and apprenticeships. Traditional education ensures that aspiring pastry chefs are taught the fundamental practices and concepts behind creating these delicious treats. Most culinary schools offer specialized pastry and baking classes programs, or general culinary certificate programs with emphasis in certain areas of baking.

However, many bakers receive most of their training through experience and apprenticeships. The best way to get jumpstarted into the career is to devote time to an apprenticeship or internship with a local baker or restaurant to find your passion and earn some valuable experience.

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