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College education at University of Phoneix

Established close to 40 years ago, the University of Phoenix has grown exponentially in recent years and quickly become one of the most effective and sought-after locations within US education. It’s a for-profit institution and provides higher learning in an absolutely staggering range of subjects.

With more than 30,000 employed staff teaching its 300,000+ students, there is a massive amount of work going on at the university all the time. The university remains one of the most popular in the US for its incredible level of performance and the ease in which it makes students feels comfortable in their learning.

It has 112 different campuses and learning centers and also works online, meaning that more people can benefit from the University of Phoenix than ever before. Founded by John Sperling, the university’s first ever class held only eight students – it’s safe to say that it has grown since!

Many of the programs today are held online, though the college itself still holds a massive amount of development and learning potential and can be the perfect place for someone from Arizona to come to if they want to learn locally. Additionally, it’s a great place for others to enroll in as the standard of facilities is very high, as is the standard of faculty.

Various “Schools” make up this University with Advanced Studies, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Humanities, IT, Natural Sciences, Nursing and Social Sciences all acting as flagship banners for a whole range of courses. At this university you spend less time in lectures than you do elsewhere – in some cases around half of the time you usually would.

This means that students have more to collaborate together and learn themselves, encouraging a greater level of discipline for students throughout the campus. This makes a massive difference in the long run, and will ensure that students are able to feel happy and comfortable moving forward in the future.

Likewise the online eCampus makes it easy for students to get coursework assignments managed and prepared. This is a modern learning center that offers all the help that students might need for enrolling in some truly exemplary courses.

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