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Having been a viable place of education for close to a century, Ashford University is a for-profit university located in San Diego, California. Widely regarded as one of the finest universities in California, this location is engaged deeply with online courses. With more than 50,000 students engaged in this manner and more than 700 on the on-site campus, this awesome urban university does everything it can to promote effective learning and easy, simple development for budding professionals.

Whatever someone is involved in when it comes to this kind of learning institute, the quality and the depth of learning is simply outstanding. It has more than 50 degree programs to pick from, and five unique colleges making up the university itself – Business, Education, Health, Human Services, Science and Liberal Arts. Among these disciplines come many different courses, all of which espouse a new way of thinking and ensure that students are getting a modern, exciting level of participation.

The university deeply participates in the athletic side of things, as well. It has 17 athletics teams in total and ‘The Saints’ all perform in various sports to a high level. Student life on campus and online has been one of positivity and mature thinking, as the university openly attributes the success and development of its students to this friendly, professional atmosphere.

Students are friendly and get on together, creating a friendly atmosphere within classes free of constraint. Since inception, the Leaders of Ashford have been both male and female, with the first ever leader – Mary Carrico. This showed that the university is deeply diverse, always delivering an effective way to keep the situation moving forward for students, so that new ideas are never forgotten.

Forbes Media plays a key role in the development of the university, as they hold a professional alliance together and this means that many individuals can find themselves working within the Forbes system due to this alliance. Student retention and general success levels are on the up, and this makes the visiting and development of this area a deeply enjoyable and simple to use campus that ensures all students have a chance of learning, growing and developing.

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