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Argosy University

About Argosy University

Founded in 2001, Argosy University was formed when three other college institutions merged—the University of Sarasota, The Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and The Medical Institute of Minnesota. Each individual school contributed a special aspect to Argosy University. Sarasota is responsible for introducing Argosy to distance learning and intense on-campus studies. Illinois School has contributed outstanding research-oriented courses including clinical psychology and education. The Medical Institute of Minnesota has contributed courses strong in healthcare and medical technology. Because of the combination of the three institutes, Argosy University has great educational programs for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students. There are a total of 28 campuses around the country and classes can be taken in the classroom and online.

Areas of Study

Argosy University offers a variety of courses that anyone, regardless of educational goals, would be interested in taking. The areas of study include the following:

Argosy Admission and Fees

Argosy offers admission for undergraduate, graduate, international, and military students. Students can also apply for readmission if needed. Depending on the Argosy University location that you plan to attend, tuition can range between $450 and $580 per credit hour for undergraduate students. For graduate students, tuition can range between $730 and $1,200 per credit hour. There are a list of scholarships and other financial aid that can be acquired through the university. You must apply to see if you qualify for any financial assistance.

Why Argosy University

Argosy University has a strong desire and passion to teach the individuals who are gaining an education at the institute. Argosy professors and staff aim to develop professional competence, promote personal and educational growth for all students, and encourage interpersonal efficiency. Students are able to be successful individuals in the world after completing one of the eight prestigious areas of study, because Argosy is fully engaged in the lives of each of its students and supports them from freshmen year until their education is complete.

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