How You Can Find a Job in the North Dakota Oil Boom

Careers in North Dakota

You’ve probably read in the news that something big is going on in North Dakota. It’s the oil business, fracking specifically, and the boom is big enough to bring North Dakota’s once stuttering job market to the forefront—the state is now the least unemployed in the country. If you’re not in the oil business, you’re probably wondering how this ostensibly good news affects you. Read on to discover how, no matter what your profession, you can benefit from the boom.

Why Your Degree or Profession is Needed

The oil business is all-expansive and requires a huge amount of infrastructure to support the actual fracking and transportation. In addition, the sheer number of people moving into the area brings a need for hospitality, food, supplies, homes, and entertainment. Communications between businesses and employees is essential, and the new population also has a civil need: more police, firefighters, and medical workers.

Imagine for a minute that a new town suddenly appears on the horizon, populated with hundreds of thousands of people. Those people create new businesses, which need managers and accountants. Those businesses require a building, so engineers, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and architects are required. As you consider every level from top to bottom, you quickly find that, regardless of your specialty, this town will need your service. That town is North Dakota, and companies are willing to pay big money to relocate you.

Huge Increases in Pay

Let’s get this out in the open—we know that North Dakota doesn’t sound like the most aesthetically pleasing state to work in. Freezing cold temperatures, dullish landscapes, and snow—lots of it—are very few people’s idea of a good time. However, because most people feel this way, companies have realized that they need to pay workers substantially more to lure them to the state. This has resulted in every occupation receiving unprecedented wages in an otherwise downturned economy.

According to The Fiscal Times, “nearly every business in town has ‘Help Wanted’ signs and has raised wages to attract employees. McDonald’s started offering $300 signing bonuses, and the hourly pay for a cashier position at Walmart starts at $17.50, twice as much as the same position in other locations. And if a jobseeker can snag a job in the oil industry, they can make over $100,000 with no college degree.”

How to Find a Job in North Dakota

Your best bet for securing a position may sound a little scary at first—move to North Dakota. While there is some job searching that can be done on your home computer on the various highly-advertised employment websites, nothing can beat physically being in North Dakota and attending the dozens of job fairs a month.

In the same Financial Times article, one employee was quoted as saying that it’s normal for a prospective employee to arrive at a job fair uncertain of where they want to work and leave two hours later with a high-paying job and a substantial signing bonus.

If you need a change now, and don’t want to wait through the typical months-long application and interview process, be brave. We’re confident that, when you arrive in North Dakota fresh off the plane or interstate, you’ll find a position quickly that you may not have otherwise considered pursing.

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