Biggest Interview Mistakes

Biggest interview mistakes

Going into a job interview, any interview, is a terrifying experience. It’s very easy to freeze up and to get nervous. The thing to remember is that these people expect this to occur; they aren’t really in the business of just letting you trundle through an interview.

Apprehension and nerves are OK, but try to avoid the following bad habits, which really won’t do you any favors in terms of landing a job!

Slating the Competition

You might think it will get you brownie points if you get the knife into the opposition but it just makes you sound weird and desperate. Putting down the competitors is not a good way to move forward in any interview!

Bad-Mouthing Old Jobs

A lot of people will go into a job and make it out as if the last job was absolute hell, making it seem as if they are keen for something “normal”. The problem is that it makes you sound like someone employers don’t really want to hire, as people who slate their old employers might just do the same again a few years down the line. Take this into account and keep everything you say respectful, even if your last job was hell.

Wrong Information

The worst thing you can do is provide false or wrong information about recommendations. You want to get this right as if the person on the other end of the phone can’t identify you, or has only bad things to say about you, that’s probably the end of your application. Always make sure the information you hand over to an interviewer is spot on.

Social Media Stupidity

Trying to find a job? Then make your social media profiles private. We all love a rant and a shouting match online but it’s not a good advert for employers. Don’t give them the chance to see what you are like when your sports team loses or a big political debate breaks out. It’s not worth it, as they are rarely going to be impressed by your shouting and swearing!

Bad Answers

Giving short, simple or clichéd answers is not the right way to get a job. If you are asked by an interviewer about something specific, be sure to give them a specific answer! Every question allows you to show initiative or show examples, so don’t pass that up.

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