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Music is one of the most important aspects of civilization. The benefits to our lives, socially, emotionally, and even physically, are just becoming understood by the mainstream scientific world. It is not surprising, then, that people who love music want to find a job within the field.

Not everyone can be a musician, but that does not mean that the field is closed off to you. There are numerous jobs that happen behind the scenes, and make the entire process smoother. Music lovers can still be involved in the industry in one of these four careers.

Concert Promoter

In order for any musician to be successful, they will need to have a successful concert promoter. This person will handle all of the details of getting a band or artist into a gig, paying for that, getting paid for the gig, making sure that it is well promoted, and more.

Concert promoters must have a good sense of business, and be able to market any situation to their advantage. They have to work with a variety of people, and handle everything from ticket sales to marketing, to collecting fees.

Sound Engineering Technician

Sound engineering technicians have more specialized skills, but are responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining all of the sound equipment that allows a concert to go on, or to record a song, or any other aspect of what a musical artist does. Those who follow this career path can expect to know how to work different kinds of microphones, speakers, soundboards, and more. It is the sound engineering technician’s job to ensure that the highest quality of sound is provided at all times during performances. This can be a very technical job requiring special education, but can also be easily picked up with hands on education.

Music Teachers

It may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but being a music teacher is a quintessential factor of the music industry as a whole. Who taught all of the greatest musicians how to play their respective instruments? Music teachers have the ability to shape and mold the future of music, through providing children with the tools and education necessary to let their imagination and creativity flow. You can teach a variety of topics, genres, and instruments, as well as teaching children to read music, play music, and the history of music.


If you want a more creative job in the music industry, but do not want to be the headliner, being a composer can be extremely rewarding. You can write the music for a living, picking the melodies that songs follow. Composers can also write the words to the songs, and let their creativity flow without hindrance. Composers are the backbone of the music industry, providing a unique talent that not every musician has. It is up to the uniquely imaginative and creative minds of composers to help write hit songs, or the next iconic movie theme.

Want to know more about amazing musical and creative careers? Our Career Paths page is full of information that can help you choose the right career.

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