A Day in the Life of a Property Manager

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What Property Managers Do

A property manager’s job is to oversee the maintenance, operation, and overall business of a housing building, an office building, industrial buildings, and any other type of property. In the case of housing buildings, a property manager is also in charge of interviewing and conducting necessary background checks on potential housing renters. Property managers are also in charge of meeting the needs of renters by answering complaints, grounds keeping and other property maintenance, arranging property repairs, and paying all of the bills associated with the property. Per year, a property manager could receive a salary of around $51,000.

Property Manager Requirements

Although having a high school diploma is enough to jump start your career as a property manager, it is preferred that an individual have some type of business degree such as business administration or real estate. It is essential to your career to gain some experience in real estate, especially if you want to sell real estate properties. Aside from educational experience, it is good for a potential property manager to have great customer service skills, be organized, able to negotiate, and have great communication skills. Here is why each skill is required in order to be a successful property manager:

  • Customer service skills are valuable so that the property manager is able to ensure that the property tenants are satisfied.
  • Negotiation is important in order to get potential tenants to want to live at the property. Negotiating could include putting out bids for needed work on the property or handling matters with other people in the community.
  • Being organized is very essential because property managers deal with a range of business matters during the work day. Property managers have to deal with tenants as well as deal with the government and take care of other property dealings.
  • Good communication is also essential because property managers must be able to answer questions and communicate important rules and regulations to tenants.

Property managers have an abundance of duties. They must be great communicators, organized, good with negotiations, have great customer service skills, and have a solid business background in order to be successful.

Want to learn more about becoming a property manager? Visit our Careers page to learn more about salary, necessary education, and opportunities for growth.

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