Top 5 Cool Jobs for Men and Women

It’s pretty safe to say that most of us want a job that we enjoy. And because the American workforce is so diverse, and the economy complex enough to support the demand for literally thousands of different professions, everyone’s idea of an ideal career is different.

However, there are some jobs are just plain cool. For example, James Bond has a pretty good gig and just about everyone can recognize that.

Below are five universally cool jobs you can start preparing for today.

Cool Job #5: Video game designer

Median yearly salary: $56,700
How to become one: It’s not enough to love to play video games. Designers are sophisticated programmers and designers who have honed their skills.
Some recommended courses: computer graphics, animation and software design.

Why its Cool:

The video game industry pulls in as much money every year as Hollywood and the rock star position in the industry is the video game designer.

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Cool Job #4: FBI agent

Median yearly salary: $51,043
How to become one: A four-year bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for FBI candidates. In addition, candidates will also need at least three years of professional work experience and a valid driver’s license.
Some recommended courses: Intro to forensic science,biological evidence, crime scene photography.

Why its Cool:

A career with perhaps the most famous law enforcement agency in the world is a pretty tempting option for those hoping to make a career in law enforcement.

>> Learn more about how to become an FBI agent

Cool Job #3: Movie producer

Median yearly salary: $109,860
How to become one: While there is no formal training programs for movide producers, many start off in creative programs in school and often undertake writing, acting, journalism, and communications in school.
Some recommended courses: Creative writing, screenplay writing, history of film.

Why its Cool:

Think of all the fun you’ll have when financing and backing a Hollywood blockbuster that wins you the Academy Award!

>> Discover film and tv production degrees to help you start a career as a Producer

Cool Job #2: Photojournalist

Median yearly salary: $29,130
How to become one: Many photojournalist study fine arts and journalism in school.
Some recommended courses: Photography, journalism, political science.

Why its Cool:

In today’s image driven media the photojournalist stock is rising. These professionals often document history and their photos become iconic.

Cool Job #1: Venture Capitalist

Median yearly salary: The sky’s the limit.
How to become one: Most venture capitalists have a broad business background as well as a focal discipline such as economics, finance or management.
How to become one: Managerial accounting, securities analysis, accounting and finance

Why its Cool:

The venture capitalist is a unique job in that they leverage money, new opportunities and business innovations to make a profit. In fact, even when the economy isn’t performing well, venture capitalist can also be busy looking for unique ways to develop businesses.

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